Turku Market Square

Enerz designed and implemented a complete energy system modernisation for an office building in Turku, Finland. The modernisation included upgrading the heating system, ventilation equipment and building automation to the 2020s. During the renovation of the building automation system, we replaced all the actuators, sensors and control centres. According to Enerz’s calculations, the return on […]

  • Return on investment 12.5-14%
  • Life-cycle savings EUR 0.6-0.8 million
  • Surface area 5500 m2
  • Carbon footprint -55%
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Enerz designed and implemented a complete energy system upgrade for an 18-apartment terraced house company in Ylöjärvi. Oil heating was replaced by a combination of a heat pump and photovoltaic system. At the same time, we built an intelligent, remotely monitored building automation system to ensure energy savings and optimal operation of the building’s equipment. […]

  • Return on investment 15-22%
  • Life cycle savings 165 000€ – 200 000€
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Valimotie 13A

  • Return on investment 20%
  • Life cycle savings EUR 2.8-3.5 million

Valimotie 13B

  • Return on investment 20-23%
  • Life-cycle savings EUR 0.8-1.0 million